Ethereum/Dollar Update – 28.12.2020

Ethereum/Dollar Update – 28.12.2020

Ethereum finally showed strength and pushed above $700 from an ascending channel. 

As you can see there is a new charting system in place. So before I start let me explain how you can read it. 

The colored lines and dotted lines you see are actually ranges. A range consists of range high, midpoint or mid-range, and range low. The range high and range low are determined on a closing candle basis. I use quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and lower time frame ranges (down to one-minute ranges). The higher the time frame the more important is the marked level.


High time frame ranges:

Quarterly range: bolded purple dotted line  …………

Monthly range: bolded blue dotted line  ………..

Weekly range: red line for range high and low and  blue line for mid-range

Low time frame ranges: 

LTF range: black line for range high and low and  blue line for mid-range

Everything else is in grey color (channels, important swing highs, and swing lows).

The price is at strong resistance. The purple dotted line at $735 is the quarterly range high. The second resistance is the monthly mid-range which is at around $750. The third resistance is at around $795 which is the weekly range high. The nearest HTF supports are at $670 and $587. 


I expect reactions from those levels if the price gets there. A quarterly close above $735 opens the path towards $1,100. 

Note: Whenever the price is range bound use its midrange as a compass. You can be bullish above the midrange and bearish below it. However, the price has to respect the boundary on a closing basis.

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