Crypto Trade Academy

Meet the Team

Crypto Trade Academy by #cryptodoctors was born out of passion for cryptocurrencies. We are a team of experienced and dedicated crypto traders with a mission of empowering individuals to develop a competitive edge over other traders and investors through our comprehensive online course.

The knowledge and expertise we share with our students is an outcome of years of successful trading in the volatile crypto market. Growing together with this market led us to develop and test new holistic strategies with concrete value for any type of students - from absolute beginners to already-proficient traders and investors.

Meet the Team

Through hard work and discipline,Teja became an outstanding crypto trader and “the shitcoin queen”. She is a natural born cryptocurrency trade analyst and a price chart junkie.

Former poker player and finance marketing professional. Traveler and adventurer by heart.

Meet the Team

Cryptocurrency trading and investing master. Prior to discovering this market that changed his life, he was an advertising professional and a language teacher. He still teaches yoga for fun.

His financial success in the market led him to become a crypto-evangelist and an advocate for innovating thinking about learning and technology.

Meet the Team

Passionate, full-time bitcoin and altcoin trader. Market analyst and lead strategist at CTA. Before he jumped into the world of cryptocurrencies, Rok was a professional poker player and stock trader.

Even before that, he used to jump for a living. In 2005 he was crowned the Ski Jumping World Champion.