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CryptoDoctors Sessions – Ep1

CryptoDoctors Sessions Interview with Viberate Founder and COO Vasja Veber Ep1

CryptoDoctors Sessions is the latest project Crypto Trade Academy team is working on. Through interviews and debates we’ll try to feel the pulse of the crypto industry. We’ll be presenting various blockchain enterprises and technologies as well as run analyses of different cryptocurrency markets.

Episode 1, Viberate


Viberate is a Slovenia based blockchain enterprise that aims to become a go-to platform for the global music industry. In the making since 2014, the company raised a lot of dust with a highly successful ICO just about a year ago. While their VIB tokens (and the crypto market in general) has since then gone through various ups and downs, the company itself has been steadily growing. Naturally, one is often tempted to see the crypto-space primarily through the lens of market prices. However, actual product developments can often get overlooked.


Thus we are joined by Vasja Veber, the founder and COO of Viberate, to talk further on the subject.  

Mr. Veber gave us a broad presentation of the project in its current stage. We talked about its aims and challenges on the way to become the “IMDB for live music industry”. What are Viberate’s technical innovations and how are its ‘tokenomics’ supposed to work. Among a variety of its endeavours is building the most comprehensive clubbing database on the web. Another of the projects in the making is a blockchain based ticketing system. Mr. Veber also listed some pretty important partners in their enterprise and shared his vision of the VIBERATE ecosystem in the coming decade. Naturally, we also had a quick talk about current price action of bitcoin. Is the bottom in?

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  • live music ecosystem under one roof
  • Promotion pools with vib tokens
  • Tickets – tokens, minted on the blockchain
  • Booking-app, coming to the market
  • Trying to become the standard
  • Live-music segment has been the same for the last 100 years