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CryptoDoctors Sessions – Ep2

CryptoDoctors Sessions - Interview with SunContract Founder and CEO Gregor Novak - Ep2

CryptoDoctors Sessions is the latest project Crypto Trade Academy team is working on. Through interviews and debates we try to give you the pulse of the crypto industry.  We present various blockchain enterprises and technologies as well as run analyses of different cryptocurrency markets.


Episode 2, SunContract and its energy token $SNC

SunContract is a blockchain based platform for buying and selling electricity. It is a peer-to-peer system that directly links energy producers and consumers into a so called energy pool based on smart contracts.


In this edition we talk to Gregor Novak, the founder and CEO of the company behind this project. Together with his team he kick-started it as an ICO in 2017 and gathered around 2 million USD for their operations. The company initially started to disrupt the energy market in Slovenia. One year later it is already on the move into several other European markets.

As most of 2017 ICOs, the project operates on the ethereum network. The ticker of the token that powers the system is $SNC. You can purchase this ‘energy token’ on different exchanges, among them Huobi, Okex and Kucoin. Unlike most of its ‘crypto-peers’, $SNC is still traded way above its ICO price. Furthermore SunContract actually has a working product as we speak. You can pay your electricity bills through their platform with $SNC tokens today.

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