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Crypto Trade Academy's trading course is a comprehensive guide to Bitcoin and altcoin trading and investing. It covers everything from cryptocurrency basics to advanced trade strategies. This extensive online video course was developed by our team of savvy traders over many years of successful trading in the volatile crypto market.

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Is it for me?

Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced trader, someone who wants to fully commit or just do it part time, this online course is designed to suit and benefit all. By the end of the program you will acquire a competitive edge over other traders, learn how to reduce the risks and how to maximize your profits.

Here are just some of the many topics you'll master throughout the course:

  • Cryptocurrencies basics and how do they work.
  • How to profit from cryptocurrencies and how to safely store them?
  • Buying cryptocurrencies and finding the right altcoins to trade with.
  • Learning how to use trading platforms and which crypto exchanges to choose?
  • Minimizing risk and deciding how much money to risk in one trade?
  • Defining an exact entry point, targets, and stop-loss point.
  • What is support and resistance and how to find them?
  • Finding reliable information and useful indicators about cryptocurrencies.
  • What kind of analysis is necessary before I invest in an altcoin?
  • Managing your bankroll and implementing trading strategies.

Why choose Crypto Trade Academy?

At Crypto Trade Academy you 'll learn everything you'll ever need to become a successful, self-sufficient cryptocurrencies trader and investor. All the extensive knowledge our team gained through years of successful trading is included in this program. No information is held back.

This learning program will make you completely self-sufficient. There will be no need for you to pay for another course or to subscribe to different trading groups and live trade rooms. There is a ton of groups and individuals out there who are selling or giving away trade signals on their sites, Twitter, forums, etc. All these signals and tips can be useless or even very harmful, if you don't know how to do your own research. For instance, a fresh tweet saying it's time to buy a certain altcoin might not only be old news. There's also a chance it was written because the author wants to actually dump the coin, and he needs people to buy and raise its value at the same time he is selling it.

Before committing to a trade you'll always need to answer a set of questions like: What is the target for this trade; Where to sell; What is the position size; Where is the stop-loss; Is this a short or a long-term investment. With Crypto Trade Academy, you'll not only learn to ask yourself all the right questions. When you complete our training, you'll know how to answer them each time you'll start planning a new trade.

In addition to the online course, our students receive access to an exclusive watchlist of cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on, moderated by our team of active traders. This regularly updated watchlist gives you a heads up on coins with good trade potential.

How does it work?

Everything is laid out in a simple step-by step system that is easy to follow. As a student, you can choose between two video courses; a basic and an advanced one. Both of the programs are designed to first give you a strong foundation and then gradually, in a logical succession, build on that knowledge. The basic program will offer you plenty of knowledge and insight to trade successfully on your own, while the advanced course takes it further, equiping you with deep understanding of advanced trading techniques and strategies.

The online study material is accessible 24/7. We advise each student to also subscribe to our Insights in order to receive weekly updates of latest trends, news, trading tips, and strategies.

Lesson plan

  1. Cryptocurrency Basics

    Topics: introduction to cryptocurrencies, blockchain basics bitcoin and altcoins basics, the applicability of cryptocurrencies.

  2. 10 Basics You Need to Know Before Entering the Crypto Market - Part I

    Topics: setting up secure email accounts, creating and managing passwords, email recovery options, setting up accounts on exchanges, the use of two factor authentication protection.

  3. 10 Basics You Need to Know Before Entering the Crypto Market - Part II

    Topics: understanding different buy and sell orders, deposit and withdrawal basics, cryptocurrency wallets (Myetherwallet, Trezor and Ledger Nano), the ultimate cryptocurrency screening website and charting platforms, portfolio management options.

  4. Trading Platforms

    Topics: introduction to trading platforms, recognizing important trading platform features, popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, walkthrough: Bitcoinwisdom, Tradingview and Coinigy, pros and cons of the above-mentioned platforms.

  5. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Topics: cryptocurrency exchanges, choosing the right exchange, liquidity, fees, and security, option for short and margin trading. - Download also our Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges PDF from our downloadables section

  6. Wallets And How To Store Your Coins

    Topics: introduction to wallets, hot wallet vs. cold storage, types of wallets, finding the right wallets for your needs, ways to tighten the wallet security.

  7. Usefull Sites And Forums

    Topics: finding reliable news about cryptocurrencies, using the information for your advantage, getting direct access to the latest information, mastering news sites, forums and Twitter.

  8. Technical Analysis

    Topics: introduction to fundamental and technical analysis, mastering charts using tools and indicators, example of a technical analysis in Tradingview platform.

  9. Candlesticks

    Topics: introduction to candlesticks, understanding candlestick types and the information they provide, reading candlestick charts using Tradingview platform, recognizing market behavior through different types of candlesticks.

  10. Market Movements And Patterns

    Topics: market movements and patterns basics, choosing the most reliable patterns, characteristics and value of patterns, recognizing different patterns.

  11. Fibonacci Retracemements And Extensions

    Topics: introduction to Fibonacci extension and retracement, applicability and reliability of Fibonacci tools, live chart examples.

  12. Technical Analysis Indicators

    Topics: introduction to important technical analysis indicators, MACD, RSI, CCI and Ichimoku cloud examples in Coinigy platform, benefits and downsides of technical analysis indicators, reliability of the signals, timing, and the importance of confluence.

  13. Confluence

    Topics: confluence definition, reaching an important decision using confluence, implementing confluence in a trade example in Tradingview platform, finding the optimal minimum risk entry point based on confluence.

  14. Breakout Play

    Topics: definition of breakouts and some of their key characteristics, finding the right conditions that allow you to proceed with CTA trade strategy, finding the exact entry point, breakout examples in Tradnigview platform.

  15. Accumulation

    Topics: finding the right setup conditions for an accumulation trade, main and advanced CTA guidelines for finding the right conditions, skills and strategies for finding the entry point of an accumulation setup, analysis of trade examples.

  16. Early Adoption

    Topics: choosing the most promising new cryptocurrencies, finding new interesting cryptocurrency projects, doing research step by step, different ways to acquire new cryptocurrencies, early adoption vs. accumulation strategy.

  17. Arbitrage

    Topics: introduction to arbitrage, six guidelines for a successful arbitrage setup, variables to consider before deciding on arbitrage.

  18. Investment

    Topics: the difference between a bankroll and an investment, six long-term investment CTA rules, CTA cryptocurrency investment strategy.

  19. Trade Managament

    Topics: main CTA rules of trade management, exit strategy, profit target, and stop loss point, risk to reward ratio and moving stop loss point, trade example: a showcase of all trade managing aspects.

  20. Order Types

    Topics: basic orders: market order and limit order, advanced orders: stop orders and conditional orders, the importance of selecting and executing your orders, avoiding mistakes when executing orders.

  21. Bankroll Management

    Topics: determining the size of your bankroll, CTA bankroll protection strategy, CTA bankroll management rules, bankroll management example, understanding the psychological aspects of trading.

  22. Order Book

    Topics: introduction to order book, market depth, Bid/Ask walls, the reliability of order book data, recognize a potential trade manipulation, order book walkthrough.

  23. Trade Psychology And Market Cycles

    Topics: most common emotions in cryptocurrency trading, seven ways to control your emotions when trading, market cycles and the emotions surrounding them, accumulation, markup, distribution, and decline phase, importance of understanding and preparing for the market cycles.

  24. Complete Trade Setup Example

    Topics: detail explanation of the whole trade process, overview of the complete Crypto Trade Academy strategy - a Tradingview example from beginning to an end of a trade, detailed walkthrough to trade decisions.