Bitcoin Update, 09.03.2018

The support line obviously couldn’t withstand the pressure. Due to a series of negative news and events, including Binance bot hack, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission warning about “Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets”, Japan’s  month-long suspension of two domestic cryptocurrency exchanges and a report that a Mt Gox trustee sold $400 million […]

Bitcoin Update, 06.03.2018

In the past few weeks Bitcoin reached this year’s low at $ 6.000 and bounced in a straight run-up fashion towards $ 11.800. It formed a V pattern, followed by a retracement and a bounce which completed an inverse head and shoulders pattern. The right shoulder support managed to keep the bears in line at […]

Bitcoin Update, 23.02.2018

Bitcoin’s rally lasted  long enough to persuade the big part of the crypto community into thinking that there won’t be any pullbacks along the way to 14K. I warned in the previous postings about the possible fake-out breakout. It happened. The correction touched exactly 38 % Fibonacci retracement. Since we are still in recovery period […]

GNO (Gnosis), 15.02.2018

Gnosis is another coin which has a promising setup. It’s currently sitting on its 1580 K  sat support which has been tested 2 times already. Gnosis formed a cup which extends from October till January. If it will break from the newly formed triangle we’ll get the handle as well. If it will manage to […]

IOTA (MIOTA), EOS (EOS), ETH (Ethereum), 14.02.2018

These coins (in dollar pairs) and many other peaked through their resistances. These are exciting times when you can recover some loses made during the correction (read more). If bitcoin will continue its way upward these coins can bring you nice gains. EOS/USD pair ETH/USD pair

Market Update: Bullish Signs, 14.02.2018

The mayor turn might be right around the corner. Bitcoin is finally pushing through the $ 9.000 resistance and everything else is following its course.  It seems we avoided another leg-down towards $ 4.500 (read more).  We’re expecting some difficulties around $ 9.500 – $ 9.800. If that won’t stop BTC, the road is open towards […]

NeosCoin (Neos) 14.02.2018

Neos looks very promising at the moment and it looks like it reached its bottom. It found support at around 46K sat (former resistance). It has been in the down-trend from January and the volume has been decreasing. Nothing is happening yet but this might change very soon. MACD bullish divergence signifies a potential up-trend […]

Market Update: Crypto Market Correction, 06.02.2018

The best looking scenario isn’t always likely to happen – as it was the case with BTC’s $ 8.000 bounce. Crypto market has experienced a major correction (which had to come) in the last couple of weeks. Bitcoin’s numerous supports fell one after another and so did the $ 8.000 support. The correction period has […]

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Our Weekly Reads

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