Crypto Trade Academy

Aida Fernández, Spain

I bought my first bitcoin couple of months ago.  At first I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. But since the market was going crazy I bought some altcoins with it. Despite my lack of knowledge, I almost managed to double my investment.

Everything went fine until I made the wrong decision when I bought NEO at its peak. I thought it will hit the moon, but instead it went straight down. Looking it back now, I must have been crazy for not even setting my stop-loss order. I could prevent that easily, instead I lost all the profit and more than half of what I original invested in the first place. After that I decided to get better. That’s when I found you guys.

By going through the complete CTA course I finally realize what are the do’s and don’ts in crypto trading. It’s a lot to take in since the whole course is packed with knowledge, but it’s worth it. With only 2 out of three successful trades I’m back to where I was before the NEO disaster. Therefore, I highly recommend this product, because these guys know what they are doing.